Cadencia pocket metronome

Here is a stylish, reliable pocket metronome with an extremely accurate Swiss precision mechanism. This vintage Cadencia chrome-plated pocket metronome was... read more

Clarinet – STEINER, Johann Georg

A five-keyed B-flat clarinet by the maker Johann Georg STEINER. Steiner lived from 1783 to 1862 and worked as a... read more

F-clarinet – UHLMANN

This extraordinary F clarinet was made at the workshop of the Uhlmann family in Vienna, Austria. The company was an... read more

Fife – GOULDING & Co

Here is a nice boxwood fife made by the London firm Goulding & Co. The company was created by George... read more

As bold as brass – what is brass and why is it used to make musical instruments?

Brass has a wonderful, bright, gold-like appearance.  It is malleable [workable], low friction and has a golden glow. Even when... read more

Bassoon – STENGEL, Johann Simon

Here is a late romantic bassoon made by the Bavarian master Johann Simon STENGEL (1803-1885), who was the second generation... read more

Henry POTTER & Co. – 200+ years of instrument making since 1810

The surname POTTER is synonymous with instrument making, especially flutes. We tend to think of a certain Richard POTTER (1726-1806),... read more

Fife – George Miller

Let’s go back in time to 1778…England was under the reign of George III and in the midst of the... read more