Category Clarinets
Marks and inscriptions ROUSTAGNÉQ
(all parts)
Six-flowered wreath?
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin France
Description Five-keyed boxwood C clarinet with ivory rings and brass keys
Materials Boxwood , ivory, brass
Dimensions Total length 529 mm
Weight 368 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Price (€) €850.00
Ref 1033


Six-keyed C clarinet by Roustagnéq.

This six-keyed C clarinet is crafted in boxwood, with ivory rings and brass keys. Two of the brass keys played using the little finger of the left hand, can be adjusted in length. Perfect for anyone with little hands! The workmanship is of a very high level and the boxwood has a lovely, aged honey colour.

In terms of its maker, it’s a bit of a mystery. Louis Sauveur Roustagnéq (then spelt as Roustagnénq), an instrument maker, lived and worked in Toulon from 01/01/1732 until he died on 21/09/1807. There are several examples of instruments by this maker. But this clarinet does not display the typical keywork and characteristics of an 18th century instrument and also has a different stamp. Therefore, it was not made by Louis Sauveur… so maybe one of his children around 1830….?

Important note

This instrument contains ivory. A certificate for the legal sale of this instrument within the European Union is supplied when purchased.
For those based outside the European Union, we can arrange a CITES for its legal exportation and importation.

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