D Clarinet – ADLER – Bamberg


Category Clarinets
Maker ADLER, Bamberg
Marks and inscriptions [a crown]
+ D +
(on all parts except mouthpiece)
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Germany
Description D boxwood clarinet with horn rings and brass keys by Adler, Bamberg
Materials Boxwood , brass, horn
Dimensions Total length 510 mm (inc. mouthpiece)
Total length 448 mm (without mouthpiece)
Weight 336 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Price (€) €550.00
Ref 1044


D Clarinet – Adler, Bamberg

This 13-keyed boxwood clarinet was made by the ADLER workshop. The workshop was located in Bamberg, a delightful town in southern Germany in the north of Bavaria. The Adlers were a German family of woodwind and also brass instrument makers. The company also dealt in musical instruments and made repairs. Karl Friedrich Adler (1795-1888) set up the business in 1820 after receiving training from his father Johann George Adler. Before receiving a maker’s licence, he also had to complete the compulsory years working as a journeyman at other workshops. He was succeeded by his son Christian Wilhelm (1821-1904) and then his grandson Fritz (1855-1923). The business ceased to exist on the death of Fritz.
We can date this instrument to around 1850. It must have been an extremely loved and often played instrument – just take a look at the shiny wood around the fingerholes. The condition is very good for its age; however, it needs overhauling and a pad rechange to bring it into full playing condition again.

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