Double-wall piccolo


Category Flutes
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Italy
Description Double-wall nickel silver piccolo
Materials Nickel silver
Dimensions Total length (tuning slide in) 286 mm
Sounding length (tuning slide in) 242mm
Weight 162 g
Weight with case 320 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Accessories Original case
Special features Double-walled
Price (€) €450.00
Ref 1045


We have an exciting little instrument here for flute collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. It is a double-wall piccolo… made in Italy. So, what do we mean by double wall?

Double-wall metal wind instruments featured a hollow body with two tubes. This innovation was first patented in 1879 in Italy by Agostino RAMPONE (1843-1897) who submitted a five-year patent for ‘Flutes and clarinets of all-metal construction’ [Flauti e clarini di costruzione intieramente metallica]. There was an external tube to which the keys were applied that reproduced the proportions and appearance of the wooden instrument. A second internal tube ensured the correct dimensions of the chamber. Then a small cylinder was added to each hole to connect the two tubes, creating an airtight chamber. Rampone would go on to use the same system for oboes and bassoons too.

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These instruments became fashionable for use outside, especially for civil and military bands, as well as for regular, professional use. Unlike wooden instruments, metal instruments do not crack in extreme weather and as they were hollow, they were light. Rampone’s double-wall flutes and clarinets were even adopted by the Italian military. When the patent ran out, other makers started to produce double-wall instruments and they were manufactured until the middle of the 20th century.

This nickel silver piccolo has seven keys and is supplied in its original case. To be played and enjoyed once again, it requires an overhaul by its new owner.

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