Flageolet – LAUSSEDAT & Fils Ainé


Category Flageolets & Recorders
Maker LAUSSEDAT & Fils Ainé
Marks and inscriptions LAUSSEDAT
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin France
Description Boxwood flageolet by LAUSSEDAT & Fils Ainé
Materials Boxwood , horn
Dimensions Total length 368 mm
Sounding length 172 mm
Weight 70 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Price (€) €295.00
Ref 168


Flageolet – Laussedat & Fils Ainé

This delightful keyless French flageolet is crafted in boxwood and decorated with horn rings. The maker’s stamp reads LAUSSEDAT & Fils Ainé, who were based in Clermont Ferrand, France. The LAUSSEDAT family seem to have been involved in woodwind instrument making from around the nineteenth century. There is a rather special, rare, triple-pipe French flageolet in the Royal College of Music, London collection, stamped LAUSSEDAT with a quatrefoil mark.  We can date this flageolet to around 1840. The Laussedat family went on to sell and deal in all types of instruments including all forms of woodwinds for private and military use, harmoniums, accordions, upright pianos and even sold sheet music.

This flageolet has been fully restored and is in playing condition.

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