Flute – BAUMANN, Jean-Jacques


Category Flutes
Maker BAUMANN, Jean-Jacques
Marks and inscriptions Lyre
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin France
Description One-keyed boxwood flute by Jean-Jacques Baumann
Materials Boxwood , horn, brass
Dimensions Total length 625 mm
Sounding length 553 mm
Weight 205 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Price (€) €1,490.00
Ref 1003


Flute – BAUMANN, Jean-Jacques

On sale is a lovely early one-keyed flute by the French maker, Jean-Jacques BAUMANN (1772-1845). Jean-Jacques BAUMANN worked in Paris between 1790 and about 1830.  Between1802-1804, the workshop was situated in Rue St. Honoré and 1809-1830, in Rue de la Bibliothèque. This instrument was made around 1820.

BAUMANN was very famous for his clarinets. He also made flageolets, oboes, bassoons, bass horns and of course, some very nice flutes. His instruments feature in museums worldwide, including Boston, MA or St. Petersburg, Washington etc.

This is just that, a very nice and remarkable one-keyed flute which is pitched at around a=420 Hz. Even though the instrument in neither cleaned nor restored, it plays nicely and can be brought into full playing condition. It needs a new loving home.

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