Flute – KOCH, Stephan


Category Flutes
Maker KOCH, Stephan
Marks and inscriptions S. KOCH


(engraved on inlaid plates)

1851 (head joint)

Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Vienna, Austria
Description 10-keyed romantic flute
Materials Cocuswood , nickel/German silver
Dimensions Total length 707mm
Sounding length 614 (head joint in)
Weight 516 g
Entire weight with case 860 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Accessories Original case
Tenon covers
Wooden grease pot
Price (€) €4,850.00
Ref 144


Flute – KOCH, Stephan

If you are in the market for a fully restored and playable romantic flute, look no further! Here we have a fabulous ten-keyed flute made in Vienna in 1851 at the workshop of the family of Stephan KOCH (1772-1828). Stephan Koch made all kinds of woodwind instruments, including bassoons, csakans and clarinets in his workshop in Vienna. However, he is most known for his improvements to the design of flutes and oboes and the superior quality of the instruments he produced.

When Stephan died at 56 years old, his sons continued making woodwinds with the same characteristics and quality. His eldest son, Franz Xaver (9.11.1800-28.2.1859) was in charge of the business and the workshop at the time this flute was made – 1851.

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It is crafted from very rare and specially selected Cocuswood with nickel/German silver rings and ten keys. It looks amazing with its original case (unrestored), tenon covers, wooden grease pot (new grease of course!!!) and a handy screwdriver for those tricky, unexpected moments. The flute has been completely restored by one of Germany’s leading restorers.

The original embouchure of this flute had been previously enlarged at some stage in the past. As part of the restoration process, the embouchure was changed back to its original shape and size by Martin Wenner. Another instrument which had an original embouchure was used as a basis for this complicated reconstruction.

This flute is pitched at a=440 Hz with the tuning slide extended out to the second ring (9 mm). It has a wonderfully bright and powerful sound and plays the full register with a lovely colourful character.

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