Flute – Rudall, Rose & Carte


Category Flutes
Marks and inscriptions Rudall Rose Carte & Co. / Patentees / 100 New Bond Street / London
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin London, England
Description Rudall, Rose & Carte modified ‘1851’ System Flute
Materials Silver plating
Dimensions Total length 647 mm
Sounding length 585 mm
Weight 287 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Special features Original pads
Price (€) €1,150.00
Ref 1138


Flute – Rudall, Rose & Carte

Now’s your chance to own a Rudall, Rose & Carte modified ‘1851’ system flute. This special system was devised by Richard CARTE (1808–1891). In 1850, he joined George RUDALL (1781-1871) and John Mitchell ROSE (1793/1794-1866). For extensive information about the company, we recommend the book by Robert BIGIO.

The principle of the 1851 system was to use the ideas of Theobald BOEHM (metal flute, cylindrical bore, conical head joint, large holes) with the old fingering system that flutists were used to playing on a standard flute of the time. This meant that flutists didn’t have to change their way of playing. It shows us the difficulties involved in the acceptance of the Boehm flute model patented in 1847.

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This particular flute features a closed G-sharp key. It has no extra trill keys. It also has no serial number, but we believe it to have been made around 1855. It has a raised barrel embouchure rather than a lip-plate. The barrel has been beautifully engraved. The embouchure itself is oval.  All in all, this instrument is characterised by a high level of craftsmanship.

The flute is sold as is. It is in restorable condition with all keys and parts present. It’s a fine instrument in need of an overhaul to be played professionally again or proudly displayed in the cabinet of any avid flute collector.

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