French conical ring-key flute


Category Flutes
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin France
Description French conical ring-key flute
Materials Grenadilla, nickel/German silver
Dimensions Total length 617 mm
Sounding length 535 mm
Weight 376 g
Entire weight with case 740 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Accessories Fully restored original case
New tenon covers, wooden grease pot and screwdriver
Other distinctive features Fully restored original case with key
Price (€) €2,950.00
Ref 158


French conical ring key flute

This marvellous instrument has been fully restored and is in prestige playing condition. A new set of grenadilla tenon protectors, a grease pot and a screwdriver have been specially crafted to fit into the original case – fully refurbished too!

This conical ring-key flute was made in France around 1870. Its grenadilla body is fitted with nickel/German silver ring keys. The pitch is a=440 Hz. The flute has a D foot rather than a C foot. These instruments are quite common because they are lighter in weight and C and C# are not used so often. It is a perfect example of this genre of flute, with a very elegant, fine and warm sound. Furthermore, it speaks easily.

This flute is the ideal instrument for a modern flutist who wants to use the same fingerings as those for the modern silver flute, while maintaining the warm and charming sound of a conical wooden flute.

It is excellent for performing late Romantic flute music.

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