Keyed Giorgi Flute


Category Flutes
Maker Joseph WALLIS & Son Limited
Marks and inscriptions JOSEPH WALLIS & SON LIMITED.
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin England
Description Ebonite flute with three keys patented by GIORGI, Carlo Tommaso
Materials Ebonite , nickel/German silver,metal
Dimensions Total length 520 mm
206 g
777 g (with case)
Condition Restored
Accessories Original case (unrestored), with key
Other distinctive features Chin rest
Price (€) €750.00
Ref 1028


Keyed Giorgi Flute

In the 19th century, several inventors patented ideas to enable the flute to be played vertically. This meant that the flute was held vertically, but blown transversely. Enter the fascinating ‘Giorgi’ flute! 

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This particular Giorgi flute is in excellent condition and probably dates from around 1896-1900. It plays at a=440 Hz and has been cleaned and the pads have been replaced with new ones. The body is stamped on the front with the words ‘JOSEPH WALLIS & SON LTD./ GIORGI PATENT/ LONDON. In addition, ‘PATENT’ is stamped on the front of the head joint. The head joint or mouthpiece is engraved on the left-hand side (from the player’s view) with ‘Wallis‘, and on the right hand side with ‘CT. Giorgio’, both in running script.  There is also an additional ‘T’ stamped on the back of the body near the base.

The flute is housed in a hard, wooden case and lined with blue fabric, possibly satin and has a working key. The case features a compartment in the fabric for the cleaning rod, which is sadly no longer there.
If you always wanted to own and play a Giorgi flute… now’s your opportunity!

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