Piccolo – POTTER, Richard


Category Flutes
Marks and inscriptions Head joint:
(unicorn) D / POTTER / LONDON / 8
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin England
Description Boxwood piccolo with one brass key and ivory rings
Materials Boxwood, brass, ivory
Dimensions Total length 317 mm
Sounding length 267 mm
Weight 55 g
Weight with fabric case 105 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Accessories Fabric case
Price (€) €850.00
Ref 122


Piccolo – POTTER, Richard

This piccolo is made of beautiful boxwood with ivory ferrules and a single brass key. It was made in London, England by POTTER. That would most likely be Richard POTTER (1726-1806). Its flat plate D-sharp key is nicely scalloped and very typical for the time.

The nominal pitch of this Potter instrument is C. The lowest note is D – which is clear to everyone since D is stamped on the head joint! The figure ‘8’ is a pitch mark to indicate that… Yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s an octave sharper than a regular one-keyed flute.

The piccolo has been completely restored with a new cork, pad and tenon thread. A fine, hairline crack below the key’s touch piece has been repaired. The embouchure and tone holes are unaltered and in fine condition. The pitch is around a=440 Hz.

A piccolo from this period of history is hard to find – an exquisite rarity.

Important note

This instrument contains ivory. A certificate for the legal sale of this instrument within the European Union is supplied when purchased.

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