Used book – Flötenschule von Hugot u. Wunderlich



Flötenschule von Hugot u. Wunderlich
Neue sorgfältig revidierte und mit theoretischem Teil,Tonleitern, Etuden sowie mit Unterhaltungsstücken versehene Ausgabe von
Auch zum Selbstunterricht geeignet
Tongers Taschen-Album Bd. 43

This tutor was written by Johann Georg WUNDERLICH (1755-1819), based on his work with Antoine HUGOT (1761-1803). Both were flutists, university professors and composers – one German, the other French. They both taught at the Conservatoire in Paris. Wunderlich played in the Concert Spirituel and the Paris Opera and taught successful flutists in the Conservatoire, including Jean-Louis TULOU (1786-1865). Hugot played in the Concert Spirituel and Bouffons italiens orchestra and even joined the Garde Nationale of Paris’s musical corps. It seems that Hugot sadly ended his life by jumping out of a fourth-floor window.  In 1804, Wunderlich published the textbook Méthode de Flûte du Conservatoire par MM Hugot et Wunderlich/Membres du Conservatoire, based on the work Hugot had started to write before his death.

This particular tutor was published in 1906 and has literally been through the wars. Part of its history is the inside back cover, where its owner/teacher wrote down the pieces to be played. A rare 19 x 12 cm piece of history!

Ref. 1085

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