Walnut sheet music box


Category Boxes & cases
Marks and inscriptions MUSIC.
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin England
Description Wooden sheet music box
Materials Walnut?
Dimensions 345 mm x 240 mm x 40 mm
760 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features Hidden opening to slide off
Price (€) €170.00
Ref 51


Walnut sheet music box

A wooden box in which to store music. This sheet music box is carved and assembled to look like a book. The top slides off and then music can be slipped inside from above. The wood itself is most likely walnut and it has a lovely ‘burr’ or grain effect. It features and inlaid surround and spine. The word ‘MUSIC.’ is carved on the front. The box is in good condition with one crack on the front, which appears not to be structural, with some other cracks and wear. The patina is exceptional.

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