Finding the flute of an outstanding flute virtuoso

When it comes to antique or original instruments, it’s normally a huge bonus if we have a maker’s stamp to... read more

Tenor horn – Gottfried HIRSBRUNNER (Aarau-Switzerland)

The Hirsbrunner or Hirschbrunner family has been making wind instruments for over 200 years. A total of eight generations worked... read more


This exceptional late-Romantic flute was made by the company Rampone & B. Cazzani & C in Milan. On the death... read more

Flute – Goulding, D’Almaine, Potter & Co., 8 keys

This is a fully restored, eight-keyed, boxwood flute in four sections made by Goulding D’Almaine Potter & Co. D’Almaine &... read more

Heinrich FIEHN – the real man behind the ocarina

Anyone who plays or collects ocarinas knows the name Heinrich (or Henry) Fiehn. The internet is full of ads selling... read more

Bass clarinet – MAINO & ORSI

This lovely bass clarinet is crafted in grenadilla and nickel silver. This bass clarinet was made by Maino & Orsi.... read more

Clarinet – BOCK, G

This antique B-flat clarinet was made around the beginning of the nineteenth century in Alfeld, which lies on the Leine... read more

Alto clarinet – V. KOHLERT’S SÖHNE

This E-flat alto clarinet is made of grenadilla wood and has nickel silver keys and rings. Its total length is... read more