This exceptional late-Romantic flute was made by the company Rampone & B. Cazzani & C in Milan. On the death of the famous woodwind instrument maker Agostino RAMPONE (1843-1897), his son Egidio (1872-1937) went into partnership with Battista CAZZANI (1846-1920), a watchmaker and brass instrument manufacturer and married Cazzani’s daughter….

Heinrich FIEHN – the real man behind the ocarina

Anyone who plays or collects ocarinas knows the name Heinrich (or Henry) Fiehn. The internet is full of ads selling ocarinas in all shapes and sizes made by the Heinrich Fiehn factory in Vienna. It’s clear from the popularity, international appeal and sheer sales volume of his products that he…

Bass clarinet – MAINO & ORSI

This lovely bass clarinet is crafted in grenadilla and nickel silver. This bass clarinet was made by Maino & Orsi. It is a simple (Albert) system clarinet with two independent speakers. The company Maino & Orsi was the fruit of a collaboration and partnership between Paolo MAINO (?-1881) and Romeo ORSI…

Clarinet – BOCK, G

This antique B-flat clarinet was made around the beginning of the nineteenth century in Alfeld, which lies on the Leine river in Lower Saxony, Germany. The literature (Hart in the Langwill index) tells us that G. Bock’s instruments were similar to those produced by the STREITWOLF workshop in Gottingen. So, G….

Alto clarinet – V. KOHLERT’S SÖHNE

This E-flat alto clarinet is made of grenadilla wood and has nickel silver keys and rings. Its total length is 810 mm, including the mouthpiece. It was made by V. Kohlert’s Söhne, Graslitz and this is stamped on the upper joint. The Kohlert company was founded in 1840 by Vincenz Ferarius…

Fife – JORDAN, James

This antique boxwood fife was made by James JORDAN (1807/8-1852). James Jordan was born in Ireland. At some point, he travelled to Liverpool. He started a new life in England. He was listed as a musical instrument maker and woodwind dealer from around 1830. James Jordan was also an inventor….

Flute – UEBEL, Gerhard Rudolf

This amazing Boehm-system vintage aluminium flute was manufactured by Gerhard Rudolf UEBEL (1915-1991) in Eastern Germany (GDR) in the 1960s. He was the grandson of the founder of the UEBEL company, Friedrich Gustav UEBEL (1855-1915) in Saxony, Germany. Gerhard Rudolf Uebel experimented with new materials and mechanical construction techniques and this…