Brass post horn – ZIMMERMANN, Jul. Heinr.

This brass post horn was made by the Julius Heinrich ZIMMERMANN (1851-1922) company. Zimmermann was an extremely successful entrepreneur in the manufacture... read more

Silver flute – LEIBL, Ernst Robert

Here we have a jewel of silver flutes… which is also extremely rare! It was made by Ernst Robert LEIBL (1871-1957), who... read more

Oboe – Gebrüder ALEXANDER

This oboe was made by the company Gebrüder Alexander, based in Mainz, Germany. The company was first established way back... read more

Oboe – ALTRICHTER, Julius

This beautiful late-Romantic oboe was made by Ferdinand Julius Hermann ALTRICHER (1842-1915) who was native to Frankfurt an der Oder.... read more

Ocarina – DONATI, Giuseppe

This ocarina was made by the great master and inventor of the ocarina himself Giuseppe DONATI (1836-1925). Donati lived and... read more

SICCAMA Flute – CHAPPELL, Samuel Arthur

This flute really needs no introduction to many flutists – the famous ‘Siccama’ flute. The Siccama flute was invented by... read more

Romantic flute – Wilhelm LIEBEL

This lovely, Romantic flute was made around 1840 by the master woodwind instrument maker, Christian Wilhelm LIEBEL (1793-1871). Wilhelm, as... read more

Flute – LOT, Louis

This cocuswood flute was made by the master himself – Louis LOT (1807-96). By checking the serial number 1889, we can date this... read more