Apprentice, journeyman, master ­– the apprenticeship model

We’ve all heard of apprentices and masters. The apprenticeship model is the journey towards mastering an art and becoming a... read more

LEIBL, Ernst Robert – follower of Boehm & Mendler

Very little is known about Ernst Robert LEIBL. It seems that he was born in Adorf in Vogtland, located in... read more

French flageolet – GODFROY, Frédéric Eléanor

This French flageolet was made by Frédéric Eléanor GODFROY. He was born in 1805 in Paris and was the eldest... read more

Ten-keyed flute – STENGEL, Johann Simon

This is a 10-keyed flute by the famous Bavarian maker STENGEL, Johann Simon made around 1850 from Boxwood with brass... read more

Flute – WOLF & Co, Robert

A four-keyed boxwood flute created by the Englishman Robert WOLF (1808-1844), pitched at around a=440 Hz. Robert Wolf & Co... read more

Clarinet – PURDAY, Zenas Trivett

A five-keyed C clarinet by the English maker Zenas Trivett PURDAY (1792-1866).  He was the son of Thomas PURDAY (1765-1838)... read more

STENGEL – world-renowned Bavarian woodwind instrument makers

The STENGEL family and Bayreuth The Stengel family had a woodwind instrument business for almost a century in the German town... read more

Flute – LINTNER, Georg Leonhard

This spectacular and rare flute was made by George Leonhard LINTNER (1794-1859), who was trained and licensed as both a... read more