Agostino RAMPONE and his metal, double-wall woodwind instruments

Quarna Sotto beginnings Quarna Sotto is a tiny village hidden way in the forested hills above Lago d’Orta in the Italian... read more

Five-keyed boxwood flute – LEONHARDT

Here is a five-keyed flute by LEONHARDT. Some initial research has led us to a flute made by the same... read more

Antonio CANELLA – Ferrara’s mysterious ocarina maker

Giuseppe DONATI (1836-1925) was the ‘inventor’ of the ocarina. His hometown was Budrio in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, about 15 kilometres east... read more

Ten-keyed romantic flute – Stephan KOCH

This is a fabulous ten-keyed flute made in Vienna in 1851 at the workshop of the family of Stephan KOCH... read more

Seven-keyed cocuswood flute – MONZANI, Tebaldo

This is a nice and typical example of a Cocuswood flute made by the famous Italian-born, turned Englishman, Tebaldo MONZANI... read more


This reform flute was made by Carl KRUSPE Junior (1865-1929) when he was active in Leipzig between 1893 and 1929.... read more

Conical ring-key flute – Julius Max BÜRGER

This sensational conical ring-key flute was fully restored by master woodwind instrument makers. The instrument is crafted in gorgeous Cocuswood ... read more

Nickel silver ­– does it really contain silver?

Does nickel silver really contain silver? The simple answer is ‘No’. It’s a copper alloy that normally contains about 60%... read more