Romantic flute – Wilhelm LIEBEL

This lovely, Romantic flute was made around 1840 by the master woodwind instrument maker, Christian Wilhelm LIEBEL (1793-1871). Wilhelm, as... read more

Flute – LOT, Louis

This cocuswood flute was made by the master himself – Louis LOT (1807-96). By checking the serial number 1889, we can date this... read more

Solid 900 silver flute – Luigi VANOTTI

This Luigi VANOTTI flute, including its mechanism, is made of solid 900 silver – evidenced by its hallmarks. It was... read more

Luigi Vanotti – made in Milan

Luigi VANOTTI worked for the company Rampone & Cazzani before setting up his own business in 1909 in Milan, at... read more

Conical ring-key flute – Louis LOT (Villette)

This beautiful Louis LOT cocuswood, conical ring-key flute is in playing condition. It was made shortly after Louis Lot had retired and... read more

PINFOLD’S metronome

This crazy-looking yet elegant metronome was invented and patented by Arthur Gough PINFOLD (1864-1940). Arthur was one of four children,... read more

Anonymity – What’s in a name?

We often come across musical instruments with no stamp and no indication as to where they were made or their... read more

The Heideggers of Passau

The surname HEIDEGGER is synonymous with instrument making in Passau and Linz. The family’s instrument-making history begins in the 1840s... read more