Bassoon – HUITTL, Ignaz


Category Other woodwind
Maker HUITTL, Ignaz
Marks and inscriptions I. HUITTL
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin Kraslice, Czech Republic
Description Maple wood bassoon with 8 brass keys and brass rings
Materials Maple wood, brass
Dimensions Overall length 1,247 mm
1460 g including crook
Condition Sold as is for restoration
Other distinctive features Original crook
Price (€) €1,900.00
Ref 1059


Bassoon – HUITTL, Ignaz

The mystery is solved. Thanks to our clients and friends across the pond [you know who you are 😊], we now know the maker of this bassoon. Ignaz HUITTL was active making instruments around 1800 in the city of Kraslice (Graslitz in German), which is now located in the Czech Republic. It is just a stone’s throw away from the instrument-making hub of Markneukirchen in Germany. 

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It seems that Huittl was specialised in bassoons and some of his instruments still survive in museums and collections. This instrument is quite simple in its design and features, and is somewhat outdated for the time when it was made (possibly around 1800). For example, the keys are block-mounted on the body of the instrument. This type of construction would have made the instrument quite affordable. Many companies set up just over the border in what was them Bohemia to make and export their instruments at interesting prices. 

Little is known about Mr. Huittl himself. We think that he could perhaps be related to the Hüttl family of instrument makers.
This instrument was recently found buried under many other items and there are no data about its origin. The bassoon is made of stained maple wood and features brass rings and eight brass keys, one of which is slightly damaged (a part is missing). Some keys are supported in place by metal staples.  The crook seems to be original to the instrument.

The condition is good with no apparent cracks to the wood and this rediscovered old instrument could even be brought back into playing condition.

This bassoon is sold as is, for restoration, or for research and collection purposes.

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