Flute – PAULUS, Christian Friedrich


Category Flutes
Maker PAULUS, Christian Friedrich
Marks and inscriptions Headjoint:
[unicorn] / C.F. PAULUS / O
[unicorn] on all other parts
1 ??? on left-hand joint
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin Germany
Description Four-part boxwood flute with one brass key
Materials Boxwood, brass
Dimensions Total length 619 mm
Sounding length 551 mm
Weight 242 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Price (€) €1,590.00
Ref 309


Flute – PAULUS, Christian Friedrich

Look closely… the unicorn is back!!! This time on a lovely, four-part boxwood flute made by the master Christian Friedrich PAULUS (1768-1825). 

He was native to the town of Neukirchen in Vogtland in Saxony in the east of Germany. Markneukirchen, its current name, has long been famous for the manufacture of all types of musical instruments. Christian Friedrich Paulus was the son of a clothier and violin dealer. He was the first Paulus to become a woodwind instrument maker. There would be three generations of wind instrument makers – eight of twelve would be woodwind masters.

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Christian Friedrich Paulus specialised in woodwinds and we can see that by the magnificent craftsmanship displayed by this instrument. The boxwood has a beautiful colour and very nice grain. Its original embouchure is very small and slightly oval. The key has an unusually shaped and very special touch piece.  Its spring is fitted into the wood underneath – an early method. The finger-holes are small and unchanged. We think it was made between 1800 and1820.

This instrument has been completely restored by a well-known master woodwind instrument maker😊and is in pristine condition. The flute was entirely cleaned. It has a new spring, pad, head cork and tenon thread.
It plays nicely at a pitch of a=435 Hz. Its sound is colourful, bright and very flexible with a clear response and articulation. We’ve added a fabric case for this flute – it certainly deserves one.

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