Keyed bugle – METZLER & SON


Category Other musical instruments
Marks and inscriptions Metzler & Son / London
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin London, England
Description Keyed copper bugle with six keys by METZLER & SON
Materials Copper, brass
Dimensions Total height (without crook) 447 mm
Total height (with crook and mouthpiece) 534 mm
Bell diameter 153 mm
Weight 875 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €2,900.00
Ref 1109



Keyed bugle – METZLER & SON

On sale on VM Collectables is an extraordinary six-keyed bugle by METZLER & SON. The company METZLER was founded in 1788 by Valentin METZLER (c.1756-1832). His son, George Richard (1797-1867), joined the business in 1816 and the name changed to Metzler & Son.  Valentin died in 1832, so in 1833, the firm’s name changed to Metzler & Co. We can therefore date this instrument to 1816-1833.

This keyed bugle is crafted in copper, giving it a somewhat dark sound. It features brass mounts, keys and garland. Inscribed on the garland is ‘Metzler & Son’. The leather pads appear to have been renewed. The brass pigtail crook and mouthpiece seem not to be original to the instrument. The nominal pitch is C.

All in all, a fabulous instrument in great condition!


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