Meissen ocarina set


Category Flageolets & recorders
Marks and inscriptions MEISSEN & sizes
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Germany
Description MEISSEN porcelain ocarina set
Materials Porcelain
Dimensions Five ocarinas:

B, 145 mm 93 g
F, 152 mm 108 g
4F, 170 mm, MEISSEN, 131 g
D, 173 mm, MEISSEN, 142 g
6C, 190 mm, MEISSEN, 212 g

Condition Working condition
Price (€) €720.00
Ref 290


Meissen ocarina set

On sale on VM Collectables now is a set of five different porcelain ocarinas made in Meissen in Germany, probably around 1900-1910 perhaps by Max Freyer & Co. They are beautiful white and cobalt blue ocarinas. The design on each one is the famous Zwiebelmuster [Blue Onion] pattern, which is hand painted on the instruments.

Three of the ocarinas have the MEISSEN stamp. One is very rare as it even has a tuning slide. These antique ocarinas are in superb, condition with no cracks or flaws. It’s a delightful set waiting for a new home in an ocarina collection.


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