Flute – BLACKMAN, Josiah

An 8-keyed flute by the London maker Josiah BLACKMAN (1819-1886), made from Cocuswood with nickel silver keys, finger hole bushings and... read more

The conical ring-key flute – game changer of 1832

It is known that towards the end of the eighteenth century, flutes with eight keys, or double and alternate keyed... read more

Flute – METZLER, Martin

A four-part, boxwood flute by Martin METZLER (ca. 1755-1809), who made this instrument around the turn of the eighteenth century.Very... read more

Stephan KOCH – crème de la crème of Viennese master wind instrument makers

Stephan KOCH was born in Veszprém in Hungary on 12 April 1772. He was the son of the master turner,... read more

Flute – HAMICH

This elegant, German, Boxwood flute has ivory rings and a single brass key. We can date it to the late... read more

Oboe – ZIEGLER, Johann

This rare oboe by Johann ZIEGLER (1794/5-1858) was made around 1840 from finely selected figured Boxwood , decorated with ivory rings... read more

Tebaldo MONZANI – the Italian-born English gentlemen and musical entrepreneur

Tebaldo MONZANI was born in Verona in 1762. He was the son of a merchant called Anthonio MONZANI and his... read more

Johann ZIEGLER – Viennese woodwind instrument-making at its finest

A Hungarian in Vienna Johann ZIEGLER was born in Komárom in Hungary in 1794/5. Komárom is on the northern bank of... read more