The Heideggers of Passau

The surname HEIDEGGER is synonymous with instrument making in Passau and Linz. The family’s instrument-making history begins in the 1840s... read more

Keyed Giorgi Flute

In the 19th century, several inventors patented ideas to enable the flute to be played vertically. This meant that the... read more

Fifth flute – Martin Metzler

Here is a really sweet, fifth flute by METZLER – in this case, we think by Martin METZLER (ca. 1755-1809). Very... read more

18th century salterio

Here is a beautiful salterio, hammered dulcimer or psaltery. It’s a trapezoidal-shaped salterio with quite an unusual number of bridges –... read more

Swanee whistles – who was behind the name?

Slide whistles or lotus flutes made of ebonite stamped Swanee often show up at auctions and for sale on websites.... read more

KASRIEL – the last French harmonium makers

Louis-Maurice KASRIEL (1815-1899) was a musical instrument maker who was born in Krotoschin, Prussia – today's Krotoszyn in Poland. In... read more

Third flute – STENGEL

This third flute was made by the Bavarian maker Johann Samuel STENGEL (1771-1826). Johann Samuel was the first in a... read more

18th century ivory flute

Wow! What we have here is an ivory flute made around 1740, perhaps in England. The flute is beautifully made... read more