Conical ring-key flute – Julius Max BÜRGER

This sensational conical ring-key flute was fully restored by master woodwind instrument makers. The instrument is crafted in gorgeous Cocuswood ... read more

Nickel silver ­– does it really contain silver?

Does nickel silver really contain silver? The simple answer is ‘No’. It’s a copper alloy that normally contains about 60%... read more

Louis Esprit LOT – preeminent French flute maker of the late nineteenth century

Lot’s beginnings There’s not really a ‘lot’ [sorry ?] that we can add to the literature about Monsieur Louis Esprit LOT... read more

Flute – KRAUS, Anton

This spectacular, naturally figured, boxwood romantic flute was made by the woodwind and brass instrument maker, Anton KRAUS (1813-1901). Anton KRAUS... read more

HETSCH – musicians and woodwind instrument makers of Bad Urach

Bad Urach is a beautiful spa town in the Swabian Alb, about 50 kilometres from Stuttgart in Baden Württemberg, Germany.... read more

Wilhelm LIEBEL and the romantic flute

If you love early flutes, then you must have heard of the great Romantic flute maker, Wilhelm LIEBEL. (Christian) Wilhelm... read more

Silent gravity metronome

This extremely rare silent gravity metronome in metal is signed on the front “PATENTED / BREVETE”. On the back it... read more

Flute – BLACKMAN, Josiah

An 8-keyed flute by the London maker Josiah BLACKMAN (1819-1886), made from Cocuswood with nickel silver keys, finger hole bushings and... read more