Brass post horn – ZIMMERMANN, Jul. Heinr.


Category Other musical instruments
Marks and inscriptions JUL. HEINR. ZIMMERMANN
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Leipzig, Germany
Description Brass post horn with mouthpiece
Materials Brass
Dimensions Height 190 mm
Bell diameter 120 mm
Weight 300 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Supplied with mouthpiece!
Price (€) € 350.00
Ref 1061


Brass post horn – Jul. Hein. ZIMMERMANN

This brass post horn was made by the Julius Heinrich ZIMMERMANN (1851-1922) company. Zimmermann was an extremely successful entrepreneur in the manufacture of musical instruments and also publishing.  He had branches of his company in St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, Riga and Leipzig.

This particular instrument is stamped ‘LEIPZIG’, where he set up his business in 1886. We can date it to around the end of the nineteenth century. This German post horn is made of brass with circular coils. Its mouthpiece is also crafted in brass. It features an open tone-hole, known as a Quartloch [fourth hole], which was used to transpose all notes of the natural scale a fourth higher.

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