Silver flute – LEIBL, Ernst Robert


Category Flutes
Maker LEIBL, Ernst Robert
Marks and inscriptions TH. BOEHM & MENDLER MÜNCHEN
Nachf [English: follower]
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Germany
Description Silver Boehm system flute, closed G-sharp key , gold lip plate
Materials Solid silver, gold
Dimensions Total length 650 mm
Sounding length 603 mm
Weight 350 g
Weight with case 650 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Original case (no key)
Case cover
Price (€) €5,900.00
Ref 1019



Silver flute – LEIBL, Ernst Robert

Here we have a jewel of silver flutes… which is also extremely rare! It was made by Ernst Robert LEIBL (1871-1957), who took over the famous Boehm & Mendler workshop in 1903 and continued to construct his instruments in exactly the same manner. It is estimated that LEIBL only made around 100 flutes and perhaps just 20 may still be in existence today.  This flute dates from around 1910.

The flute is constructed of solid silver, featuring soldered tone holes, gold springs and a gold lip plate and riser. Only the crown and screw cork are not original. It is supplied in its original wooden case (damage to the lock and no key) and leather zip case cover.

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The instrument belonged to a professional player and has very good playing characteristics, which are typical of this late nineteenth/early twentieth-century model of flutes. The sound epitomises bright shininess and elegance.  The flute plays at a pitch of a=439 Hz with the head joint completely inserted.

In terms of condition, the flute is in playing/working condition and was overhauled some years ago. Some of the tone holes at the top of the instrument were inlaid with metal washers to correct the instrument’s intonation [see photos]. These washers are not original and can easily be removed. Some personal, minor adjustments may also have to be made by the instrument’s new owner. So… in a nutshell… this flute is ready for some serious music-making.

Unlike the flutes by Theobald Boehm (1794–1881) and Boehm & Mendler, this particular flute has a closed G-sharp key . This means that it can be played like a regular modern flute. So, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who ever wanted to own and play on an original flute which forms part of the Theobald Böhm, Böhm & Mendler and Robert Leibl legacy.

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