Grosse practische Flötenschule Op.53 – SOUSSMANN, H


Category Books and sheet music
Marks and inscriptions Grosse practische Flötenschule von H. Soussmann in vier Abtheilungen
Op.53, J. Schuberth & Co, Leipzig
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Gemany
Description Original flute tutor by Heinrich SOUSSMANN in German
Materials Paper, card
Dimensions 330 mm x 265 mm x 13 mm
977 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features German
All four parts
Price (EUR) €150.00
Ref 1105



Grosse practische Flötenschule Op.53 – SOUSSMANN, H

This is the famous flute tutor by Heinrich SOUSSMANN (1796-1848). Soussmann was born in Berlin at the end of the eighteenth century. He started out learning to play the violin at a very early age before deciding for the flute. He received flute instruction from Gottlieb KRUGER (1790-1868) and August SCHROECK (1779-1854).

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In 1812, he joined the Prussian army as a musician and took part in the 1812/1814 campaigns against France and Napoleon. Following a chest wound he sustained during combat, he was unable to play the flute for several years. His first position as flutist was in the royal orchestra in Berlin. Then he moved to St. Petersburg where he was flutist for the city’s Imperial Opera and where he died in 1848.

This original flute tutor comprises all four sections and was published in 1839. It is a wonderful tutor for the flute of that time. The book contains fingering charts and trill charts.

The book is in good condition and only the first two pages are loose.  We can see that it once belonged to a certain Konrad BITTERLICH who obviously took care of it and perhaps used it between 1874 and 1879.

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