Oil painting – O.KLEIN – Spring song with flutist


Category Paintings & pictures
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Germany?
Description Oil on painting board
Materials Board, oil paints
Dimensions Size with frame 430 x 345 mm
1,030 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €480.00
Ref 43



Oil painting – O.KLEIN – Spring song with flutist 

This marvellous, colourful and cheerful oil painting on board was created by O.Klein, in around 1920. Who could resist this charming flutist?
The painting features bold and bright colours and what is known as impasto or pastose technique. But what is impasto? The word impasto comes of course from Italian and means dough or pasta. So, it refers to the thick strokes of paint that are applied to the canvas or board with a brush or palette knife. [So, the paint is delicately and masterfully slapped on!]
It’s spring and a young flutist is seated on a stone covered in moss. The blonde-haired young man is surrounded by lush flowers and shrubs. He doesn’t have a care in the world as he sits barefoot with the wind blowing in his hair. Yet he is not alone – but rather accompanied by two songbirds. It’s a lovely day and the trio delight making music together.
There are some minor tiny defects in its preservation, which is quite normal for a century-old item. Yet we felt this flutist needed a frame. So, we have set it into a very old frame with a new backing and hanger to make it ready for its new home.

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