Book – Metronomes and Musical Time – Tony Bingham and Anthony Turner


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Marks and inscriptions ISBN-10: 0946113114
ISBN-13: 978-0946113118
Period 1900-present
Place of origin England
Description Metronomes and Musical Time: Catalogue of the Tony Bingham Collection at the Exhibition auf Takt! Museum fur Musik, Basel, 20 January to 20 August 2017
Materials Paper, card
Dimensions 270 mm x 210 mm x 15 mm
869 g
Condition New
Other distinctive features 224 pages + 400 plates
Written in English
Price (EUR) €59.00
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Book – Metronomes and Musical Time – Tony Bingham and Anthony Turner

This book is a sure read for metronome collectors or anyone who is interested in metronomes and their history. The paperback, with 224 pages, contains over 400 plates, almost all in colour. It includes pictures of the 179 metronomes in the collection that was on display at the ‘auf Takt!’ exhibition at the Basel Music Museum in 2017.
But that’s not all. The first 60+ pages contain an extremely detailed history of the metronome with notes and diagrams written by Anthony Turner. So, it is bound to answer any niggling questions about how time was marked before the metronome, who invented the metronome, how it worked and further developments to these initial inventions.   
This book is brand new!

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