Ocarina with double tuning slide – CANELLA, Antonio


Category Flageolets & recorders
Marks and inscriptions ANT. CANELLA
FERRARA (Italia)
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Italy
Description Terracotta ocarina in C with double tuning slide 
Materials Terracotta, brass
Dimensions Length 192 mm
233 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €480.00
Ref 1091


Ocarina with double tuning slide – CANELLA, Antonio

This terracotta and brass ocarina was made in Ferrara, Italy by Antonio CANELLA (1861?-1952?). To date, we have never seen another ocarina with a double tuning slide like this one! It almost looks like a gun in the hand of Bond… James Bond.

Antonio Canella was active making ocarinas from around 1878 to 1940. Ferrara is just 50 kilometres away from Budrio, where the ocarina ‘inventor’ Giuseppe Donati (1836-1925) started his work. Little is known about Antonio Canella and there are very few of his ocarinas to be seen on public display today.

The ocarina’s double tuning slide alters the pitch. The brass tubes can be pushed in or pulled out of the body of the instrument. This alters the volume of air in the ocarina’s resonating chamber. So, if one tuning slide is pulled out, the internal volume is increased and the pitch is lowered. Tuning slides were added to make it possible for ocarinas to play in tune with other instruments.

This ocarina has 10 holes and plays C when all the holes are covered. It is in great condition for its age.
A true rarity!

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