Used book – The Virtuoso Flute-Player – Johann George TROMLITZ


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Marks and inscriptions ISBN-10: 0521399777
: 978-0521399777
Period 1900-present
Place of origin England
Description The Virtuoso Flute-Player
Johann George TROMLITZ
Eileen Hadidian (Introduction)
Ardal Powell (Translator & editor)
Materials Paper, card
Dimensions 245 mm x 171 mm x 20 mm
654 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features 338 pages
Oct. 1991
Price (EUR) €58.00
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Used book – The Virtuoso Flute-Player – Johann George Tromlitz

Haven’t you read this book already? If not, maybe you should. Find out more about this famous title. It was originally written in German [Ausführlicher und gründlicher Unterricht die Flöte zu spielen] by Johann George TROMLITZ (1725-1805) back in 1791.

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This is an English translation of Tutor for Playing the Flute (1791) by Johann George Tromlitz. The most explicit of the eighteenth-century tutors for flute-playing, it now serves as a record of instrumental practice as well as a useful guide to the performance of German classical music. The Tutor covers all aspects of flute playing, including intonation, articulation, flute maintenance, posture and breathing, dynamics, ornaments, musical style, cadenzas, and the construction of the flute. This edition will be an indispensable manual for players of baroque and modern flutes, and the information it contains will be invaluable for all musicians, students, and specialists interested in the historically informed performance of German classical music. The text is annotated with critical notes and all of the original music examples are newly printed in modern notation. The volume also contains a fingering chart and a historical introduction.

Christopher Hogwood praised this book, ‘A treatise for students and virtuosi, elegantly translated and perceptively annotated. This volume answers many of the questions that remain after studying Quantz, and proposes solutions to problems that will send most authentic performers back to their instruments’.

The book is used, an-ex library copy, but in well-maintained condition. The inside front and back covers were lined by its previous owner with white paper.
So, students, virtuosi and authentic performers… what are you waiting for?

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