Oboe – SAUERHERING, Hermann


Category Other woodwind
Maker SAUERHERING, Hermann
Marks and inscriptions SAUERHERING
(on all parts)
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Germany
Description Grenadilla oboe by Hermann Sauerhering
Materials Grenadilla, nickel/German silver
Dimensions Total length 562 mm
Weight 440 g
Weight with case 890 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Original case with key
Price (€) € 890.00
Ref 1056


Oboe – SAUERHERING, Hermann

For sale is a grenadilla oboe with nickel silver keys that was made by Hermann SAUERHERING (1840-1909) sometime around 1900.

Hermann Sauerhering was born in a town called Rogätz – about 30 km north of Magdeburg, Germany. He was a woodwind instrument maker and instrument dealer. In 1875, he started working together with J. SIERING in the company Siering & Sauerhering. Siering’s previous partner Carl Stoy had left what was then called Stoy & Siering. In 1880, Siering left and Hermann Sauerhering took over the business of the woodwind instrument factory himself.  He had married a certain Friederike Plate and they had four children. Two of these children would go on to run the company after Hermann died in 1909: Reinhold (05.12.1874-1945) and Franz (19.06.1876-ca.1953). Friedrich KULOW (1853-1939) was trained at the Sauerhering workshop.

[And yes, the name Sauerhering refers to the old German name given to the trader of sour pickled herrings!]

This oboe is in working condition, but needs some restoration to be used professionally again. It plays at a=440 Hz and features an automatic octave key.

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