Silver-plated Silberton soprano recorder


Category Flageolets & recorders
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Germany
Description Soprano recorder
Materials Brass, silver-plating
Dimensions Total length 331 mm
Sounding length 296 mm
Weight 233 g
Weight with case 420 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features Original case
Price (€) €480.00
Ref 186


Silver-plated ‘Silberton’ soprano recorder

Never seen a ‘Silberton’ or ‘Silverton’ all-metal soprano recorder before? Well now’s your chance. On sale on VM Collectables is a fine example of this instrument. It was designed and developed by the Hungarian Gyula FOKY-GRUBER (1927-2014). He left his homeland for Vienna following the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, where he studied and started to make instruments. Two companies, namely AMATI and HOPF, produced these types of instruments.

Yet our little Silberton recorder has no maker’s stamp. It is rumoured that Gyula Foky-Gruber was making them again by himself in small series – in silver. Could this be one of his? Or a sort of prototype?

The recorder has a thumb rest and tuning slide. It has German fingering and plays in C at a=442 Hz. The sound is extremely bright and colourful… not to mention LOUD!  A perfect instrument for all types of folk music or jazz.


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