Keyed French flageolet – GODFROY


Category Flageolets & recorders
Maker GODFROY, Frédéric Eléanor
Marks and inscriptions FE (cursive)
5-pointed star
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin France
Description Keyed French flageolet in grenadilla with 3 silver, hallmarked keys
Materials Grenadilla, ivory, silver
Dimensions Total length 382 mm
Sounding length 168 mm
Weight 116 g
Condition Restored, fully functional
Accessories Supplied in a new, soft fabric case
Other distinctive features Thumbhole with ivory inlay
Price (€) €1,480.00
Ref 174


Keyed French flageolet – GODFROY

This keyed French flageolet was made by Frédéric Eléanor GODFROY. He was born in 1805 in Paris and was the eldest son of Clair Godfroy (1774-1841). He was a woodwind instrument maker from 1827 to 1844. The GODFROY family was active in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were initially in La Couture-Boussey and then in Paris. They were renowned makers of flutes, flageolets, and clarinets.

It seems that at some point Frédéric Eléanor set up on his own. For more information on the GODFROY family of instrument makers, there’s a super book ‘Great Flute Makers of France: The Lot and Godfroy Families, 1650-1900’ by Tula GIANNINI. 

The instrument is made from grenadilla with three hallmarked silver keys. It features a thumbhole with an ivory insert. This flageolet has been fully restored and is in excellent playing condition. We estimate that it was made around 1830. The lowest note it plays is B-flat at a=440 Hz.  It is supplied in a modern, soft, fabric case made of exquisite French fabric.

Important note

This instrument contains ivory. A certificate for the legal sale of this instrument within the European Union is supplied when purchased. For those based outside the European Union, we can arrange a CITES for its legal exportation and importation.

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