Military trumpet – BOTTALI, A.M


Category Other musical instruments
Marks and inscriptions


On the bell:
(coat of arms) / MODELLO MINIST. / 1893 / F.LLI A.M. BOTTALI / MILANO /(star)
On the mouthpiece receiver:
T B / T S
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Milan, Italy
Description B-flat military trumpet by BOTTALI
Materials Brass, metal
Dimensions Length with mouthpiece 385 mm
Bell diameter 100 mm
Weight 1,050 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Other accessories Original mouthpiece
Price (€) €480.00
Ref 1124


Military trumpet – F.lli BOTTALI

This rare military trumpet was made by the brothers Amedeo & Mario BOTTALI in Milan. They owned the company F.lli Bottali.  The original workshop was founded by Ferdinando ROTH (1815-1898) in 1838. He was the inventor of the Rothphone. His company was continued by his son-in-law Amedeo Bottali (ca. 1850-1905). Amedo’s sons Amedeo & Mario ran the business after him until 1910 when the company’s name was changed to Ditta Strumenti Musicali Bottali. The business closed in 1930.

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Amedeo and Mario were very innovative makers and patented new instruments and improvements. These included a metal curved clarinet and the Rothcorno, shaped like a flugelhorn but with a horn-like sound.

This B-flat military trumpet was a special model that made it possible to play in two different keys. By twisting the mouthpiece receiver to TB or TS, the key can be changed. This trumpet was on the list of instruments approved by the Italian army in 1893. We can therefore assume that this military trumpet was made after 1893 and before 1910.

It is sold as for restoration and would make a lovely addition to any brass collection. An unusual item indeed!

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