Category Flutes
Marks and inscriptions C / METZLER / LONDON / TOWNSEND / MANCHR
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin England
Description Boxwood fife with brass ferrules and one brass key
Materials Boxwood , brass
Dimensions Total length 366 mm
Sounding length 294 mm
Weight 90 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €490.00
Ref 1118



Now on sale is a rare and unusual boxwood fife that was made by the company METZLER in London.  The company was founded in 1788 by Valentin METZLER (c.1756-1832). His son, George Richard (1797-1867), joined the business in 1816 and the name changed to Metzler & Son.  Valentin died in 1832, so in 1833, the firm’s name changed to Metzler & Co. Then in 1866, George Richard retired and his son George Thomas took over. In 1893, it became a limited company before finally being taken over by J. B. Cramer & Co in 1931.

But who was TOWNSEND? John TOWNSEND was listed as music publisher, seller and instrument dealer in Manchester from around 1825 to 1860.

This C fife is a rare find because it has one brass key! It is in excellent condition with no cracks or warping. It was previously cleaned and the pad is new. Dated to approximately 1840-1860, it plays at around and about a=448 Hz.

This would be a lovely addition to anyone’s fife collection!


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