Flute – PENTENRIEDER, Benedict


Category Flutes
Maker PENTENRIEDER, Benedict
Marks and inscriptions [rosette]/PENTENRIEDER/MÜNCHEN/
[rosette] (on all parts except the foot joint where there is only a rosette)
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Munich, Germany
Description Figured boxwood flute by Benedict PENTENRIEDER with seven brass keys and f-lever, and horn rings
Materials Boxwood, brass, horn
Dimensions Total length 670 mm
Sounding length 585 mm
Weight 233 g
Weight with case 515 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features Original case
Price (€) €2,900.00
Ref 1054


Flute – Benedict PENTENRIEDER

On sale is a stunning and rare flute by the Bavarian and Munich-based master instrument maker, Benedict PENTENRIEDER (1809-1849). Pentenrieder’s life story and that of his immediate family is quite a sad one. He lived a very short life… dying at the age of just 40. He worked at the same time and location as other instrument makers, such as Boehm, but is still rather undiscovered. He is famous mainly for the flutes and clarinets he made.

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The boxwood employed to create this instrument is incredibly beautiful with its tiger-like markings. It features seven brass keys and an F-lever. The rings are made of horn. Pentenrieder even provided markings on the flute so that it could be put together properly [no excuses for forcing parts into the wrong places! ]. The case is original and quite lovely to admire.

In terms of condition, the flute was previously restored, yet the pads seem to be the original ones. There is also an old repair to a crack on the right-hand joint. Its pitch is around a=448 Hz, which was a normal pitch at that time in Munich. The flute has a bright, light and warm sound and is well in tune.

An exquisite flute fit for any collector or player.

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