Third flute – RAMPONE, Agostino


Category Flutes
Maker RAMPONE, Agostino
Marks and inscriptions On all parts
(tuning-fork with leaves) / RAMPONE / MILANO
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Italy
Description Six-keyed third flute by Agostino Rampone in grenadilla
Materials Grenadilla, nickel silver
Dimensions Total length (tuning slide in) 512 mm
Sounding length (tuning slide in) 440 mm
Weight 288 g
Condition Working condition
Special features Original case
Price (€) €590.00
Ref 1125



Third flute – RAMPONE, Agostino

This delightful antique third flute was made by the maestro Agostino RAMPONE (1843-1897) in Milan, Italy.

It is a third flute. This means that it is a third higher in pitch than a regular flute. Third flutes were employed for wind music and were easily combined with brass instruments that are normally pitched in B-flat.

The flute bears the Rampone stamp on all parts. It is crafted in grenadilla with nickel silver rings and six nickel silver keys. It plays at a=440Hz with the tuning slide pulled out by 9 mm.

Its condition is good. There was a previous repair to a crack in the barrel. There are no other issues.

This third flute is supplied in its original, elegant case, which thankfully simply snaps shut and requires no key!

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