Third flute – JÄGER, Christian


Category Flutes
Maker Christian JÄGER
Marks and inscriptions Head joint:  C.J. / Silber/
Body: * Christian Jäger / Max Hieber / München /* 1451 ES
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Munich, Germany
Description Christian Jäger, solid silver third flute in E-flat in original case
Materials Solid sterling silver
Dimensions Total length 559 mm
Sounding length 504 mm
Weight 350 g
Weight with case 665 g
Condition Working condition
Special features As new condition, original case
Price (€) €2,450.00
Ref 1142


Flute – JÄGER, Christian

This entirely handmade, solid-silver third flute was crafted by Christian JÄGER at the music store Max Hieber Musikverlag in Munich.

Beginning in 1971, the music store had its own flute-making workshop, founded by Werner WETZEL (1910-1995). Christian Jäger was a graduate engineer, but changed careers and was trained in flute-making by Werner Wetzel. When Wetzel retired in 1981, Christian Jäger was still not a master. This was a problem at the time, as only a master could run the workshop. But an exception was made and Christian Jäger was allowed to continue and eventually passed his master qualification. He is famed for making special sizes of flutes, especially lower and super-low models. The Hieber workshop closed in 2000 and he retired.

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We can therefore date this solid silver third flute in E-flat to the nineties. It features a complete Boehm mechanism, with closed G-sharp and trill keys plus drawn tone-holes. It even has an E mechanism. It plays at around a=443 Hz with the head joint fully inserted.

In terms of condition, this flute looks almost like new. It hasn’t been played much and is in wonderful condition. It plays nicely with good resistance and great intonation.

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