Flute – Anonymous


Category Flutes
Maker ?
Marks and inscriptions N/A
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin USA?
Description Six-keyed boxwood flute with bone rings in original case
Materials Boxwood, bone
Dimensions Total length 606 mm
Sounding length 529 mm
Weight 245 g
Condition Sold as is, for restoration
Price (€) €790.00
Ref 1087


Anonymous flute

Now on sale is an anonymous four-part flute. It is crafted in very fine and nicely selected boxwood, which has acquired a lovely honey colour with age. The rings are made of bone (not ivory!), possibly from a cow, and present the typical porous surface of this material. On closer inspection, the pores look like very small dots or holes that cover the surface of the bone.

This flute has no visible cracks and is very well made. It has a nice, small, beautifully crafted embouchure. The cap is missing. Once restored, this flute will play around a=440 Hz. It has no stamp, so its maker remains a mystery. But this doesn’t automatically mean that the instrument is inferior. It is very good value for money and perfect for those who are not impressed with just names or reputations!

The flute is supplied in its original case which is made of cardboard. The cover reads ‘D. Flöte/J. Carlein – its previous owner!

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