Flute – HETSCH, Christian Friedrich


Category Flutes
Maker HETSCH, Christian Friedrich
Marks and inscriptions C. Hetsch.
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Germany
Description One-keyed, boxwood flute with horn rings and brass key
Materials Boxwood , brass, horn
Dimensions Total length 618 mm
Sounding length 532 mm
Weight 230 g
Condition Restored
Price (€) €1050.00
Ref 1032


Flute – Christian Friedrich Hetsch

This delightful, boxwood flute with horn rings and a brass key was made by Christian Friedrich HETSCH (1798-1880), sometime around 1840. He was the last in a generation of woodwind instrument makers and musicians who lived in the town of Urach, in the Swabian Alp in Germany.
The flute has been cleaned and restored, with a new pad and head cork. Some of the original thread was reused for the tenons.
It has good intonation and strength and plays nicely with bright and colourful tones at a pitch of a=440 Hz.

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