Principes de la flûte traversiere-HOTTETERRE L’art de la flûte traversiere-deLUSSE


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Marks and inscriptions Minkoff Reprint, Geneve, 1973
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Switzerland
Description Principes de la flute traversiere-HOTTETERRE, Jacques
L’art de la flûte traversiere-DELUSSE, Charles
Materials Paper, card
Dimensions 245 mm x 180 mm x 12 mm
420 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features French
First book 53 pages
Second book38 pages
Price (EUR) 50.00
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Principes de la flûte traversiere-HOTTETERRE, Jacques L’art de la flûte traversiere-deLUSSE, Charles

The famous flute treatise of Jacques Hotteterre 1673-1763, in a bound, hardback book printed in 1973 by Minkoff Reprint Geneve.

Hotteterre was a renowned flute player of his time who also enjoyed teaching internationally. He also played the bassoon, oboe, and musette.

He was the first to decide that the flute should be played to the right side, with the left hand towards the top and the right towards the base of the instrument.

The first edition of treatise was published in 1707. It teaches the playing of the flute with fingering charts. The family of Hotteterre was also known as famous flute makers and they promoted the transverse flute in early 18th century France.

This is published together with a reprint of the treatise by the flutist and composer Charles Delusse (1720-1774). It contains twenty caprices also usable as cadenzas for concertos.

The whole hardback publication features some nice illustrations, and is all in French of course!

Used but well-maintained condition.

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