(Aida?) Trumpet – PELITTI


Category Other musical instruments
Marks and inscriptions PELITTI / MILANO
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Italy
Description (Aida?) trumpet by PELITTI
Materials Brass
Dimensions Total length 1081 mm
Total length with mouthpiece 1123 mm
Weight with mouthpiece 206 g
Weight with case 765 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Original leather case and original mouthpiece
Price (€) €2,550.00
Ref 1060


(Aida?) trumpet – PELITTI

VM Collectables is now offering this amazing trumpet by PELITTI for sale. The Pelitti instrument workshop was established in Varese in the region of Lombardy, Italy.

The founding member of the family was Luigi Giulio Melchisedech PELITTI (1736-after 1735). Luigi Pelitti started out making harpsichords and church organs before he turned his hand to wind instruments. He was the first of five generations of instrument makers – considered by many to be the best of their time.

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Giuseppe Pelitti (1837-1905) and his son Giuseppe Clemente Pelitti (1837-1905) were two family members who were famed and prized for their innovations. Among the special instruments they created were the bombardino (a B-flat euphonium), the tromba alla bersagliera or Bersag horn and the trombone basso Verdi.

But what interests us here is the Aida trumpet. Giuseppe VERDI (1813-1901) wanted to have long and straight Egyptian trumpets for the Triumphal March of the opera Aida for its premiere in 1871. He commissioned them initially through Giulio RICORDI (1840-1912) from Giuseppe Clemente Pelitti and not Adolphe SAX (1814-1894).  A total of six trumpets were ordered and Ricordi and Pelitti met with musicians to try them out. Three had to be in the key of Ab, and three in B. It was soon discovered that it wasn’t possible for the players to play the piece required without valves. It is thought that they then added players with a valveless trumpet one tone higher so they could share the notes of the piece. So that would be in B-flat and C-sharp.  History tells us that eventually single valves were added to the trumpets that were hidden in the musician’s hand, so that the audience could not see it.

So, what about those Aida trumpets in C-sharp? Could this be a mere theatre trumpet, post horn or indeed an Aida trumpet? This beautiful trumpet is elegantly crafted in brass and stamped PELITTI / MILANO. Its nominal pitch is C-sharp (D-flat) at a pitch of a=438 Hz. It is in playing condition with its original mouthpiece.  The leather case is just stunning and wonderfully preserved. It’s clear that it was made to house and protect not just any trumpet, but something very important indeed.

We’ll never know if this is indeed an Aida trumpet. But it is surely a rarity that is now in easy reach of that special someone who would like to own it.

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