Walking stick trumpet/cornet


Category Other musical instruments
Period 1830-1900
Place of origin Germany?
Description Walking stick trumpet/cornet
Materials Brass, silver plating
Dimensions Total length 850 mm
Weight 360 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Original mouthpiece
Other distinctive features Quartloch (fourth hole)
Price (€) €1,890.00
Ref 1119


Walking stick trumpet/cornet

We are continuing with our walking stick instruments and now we have an extremely unusual and rare item – we’ve never laid eyes on such a thing before. We think it is probably German as there were quite a few makers of ‘Stock Trompeten’ including B. Schott of Mainz, Germany.

It’s a walking stick trumpet, or should we say cornet because the bore is actually conical.  The instrument is made of brass which has been varnished brown to look like a walking stick. The bell is silver plated and the mouthpiece is original to the instrument.

It features an open tone-hole, known as a Quartloch [fourth hole], which was used to transpose all notes of the natural scale a fourth higher. This forth hole has been reconstructed since it was missing.

Yes, this walking stick trumpet/cornet actually works!!! It plays in C. The ideal instrument to announce your imminent arrival!

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