Category Flutes
Marks and inscriptions Kohlert/Popular/101220/Kohlert
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Germany
Description Nickel silver, nickel plated Kohlert flute
Materials Nickel silver, plastic
Dimensions Total length 670 mm
Sounding length 600 mm
Weight 465 g
Weight with case 1365 g
Condition Working condition
Accessories Original case, cleaning rod, grease pot
Special features Special G-sharp lever & mechanism, thumb rest
Price (€) €280.00
Ref 1094



This vintage flute was produced in Winnenden, Germany. Winnenden is a small town near Stuttgart in the south of the country. After the end of World War Two, what remained of the Kohlert company was moved to Winnenden to a new factory. The factory produced mainly saxophones in addition to other woodwind instruments.

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This particular ‘Popular’ flute was made in a very simple fashion. It is not a ‘beauty’ to regard! However, it features some nice innovations, which reflect some characteristics of postwar German instrument production. It is not an elegantly made instrument, but something that every collection should contain. 

The connections in the mechanism of the middle and foot joints are constructed as bridges. This is something reminiscent of saxophones. The G-sharp lever is spectacular! Instead of long needle springs, the instrument has little spiral springs underneath the keys, which guarantee the opening of the keys. The keys themselves are fitted with ‘mother of pearl’ decoration, which gives the player a nice feeling when touched. They are of course made from modern plastic material. The instrument even has a thumb rest!

The flute is made of nickel silver and the surface is nickel plated. It features drawn tone holes. The flute was possibly made in the sixties. It is supplied in its original case, with a super aluminium cleaning rod and a handy great pot.

The flute is in playing condition at a=442 Hz. A rare if not beautiful item!

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