Category Flutes
Marks and inscriptions Angel bearing a trumpet
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin France, Strasbourg
Description Four-keyed boxwood flute, ivory rings, nickel/German silver keys
Materials Boxwood , ivory, nickel/German silver
Dimensions Total length 615 mm
Sounding length 536 mm
Weight 273 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €1,450.00
Ref 1017



We’re back to the wonderful city of Strasbourg with its famous woodwind instrument makers of long ago. It’s a very intertwined history indeed!
This early nineteenth-century boxwood flute has ivory rings and four German/nickel silver keys. It is stamped on all four joints with an angel bearing a trumpet and DOBNER & CONSORT A STRASBOURG.

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Joseph DOBNER (1744-1822) was born in Münchsfeld in Bohemia. This was a border area and its name was Mnichovství in Czech. The village no longer exists. He was a wind instrument dealer and maker in Strasbourg. DOBNER sold instruments by the makers BÜHNER and KELLER (also based in Strasbourg) and worked with George Caspar FELKLIN (1773-1842) from Switzerland, when he was in Strasbourg, creating ‘DOBNER ET FELKLIN’.

He married his first wife Marie Anne Desfontaines (1731-1793) in Strasbourg in August 1776. She died in 1793. In 1809, at the ripe old age of 65, he married again. His bride was Marie Therese MÜLLER born in Kehl, on the other side of the Rhine, in 1768. It appears that DOBNER had no children and when he died in 1822 the business was left to his widow Marie Therese. The company name changed to DOBNER & CONSORT [Who was the CONSORT…..?] from 1812 to 1837 at the Place d’Armes. This became Place Kléber from 1840 onwards. In 1844, Jean Chrétien ROTH (1816-1881) acquired the business. Five years later, in 1849, DOBNER’S widow, Marie Thérése died.

We can date this instrument therefore to around 1820. The foot joint has an addition marking ’25 ER****’, which could perhaps be an inventory number. It is in extremely good condition with no cracks visible, but needs some cleaning of course. It plays at a pitch of a=440 hz with the tuning slide fully in. The tuning slide and screw cap are both functional.

A lovely example of a French early-nineteenth century flute from a long line of makers in Strasbourg.

Important note

This instrument contains ivory. A certificate for the legal sale of this instrument within the European Union is supplied when purchased.
For those based outside the European Union, we can arrange a CITES for its legal exportation and importation.

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