KASRIEL guide-chants – singing guide


Category Other musical instruments
Maker Les petit-fis de M. Kasriel
Marks and inscriptions MANUFACTURE D’HARMONIUMS/Les Petit-Fils de M. KASRIEL/PARIS
Serial number 37590
Period 1900-present
Place of origin Paris, France
Description Portable, hand-pumped harmonium, guide-chants or singing guide
Materials Oak, galalith or Erinoid, metal, leather
Dimensions 445 mm x 285 mm x 250 mm
6,200 g
Condition Working condition
Other distinctive features All original features
Price (€) €450.00
Ref 237


KASRIEL guide-chants – singing guide

On sale now is a rare guide-chant or singing guide made by the company KASRIEL in working condition! 

This particular guide-chant is featured in the 1927 Kasriel catalogue as model 53. Aimed at schools, it has metal reeds and a keyboard of two octaves with resin keys. The surround is made of polished oak.  The instrument is played on a table or desk with a lever on the left side which works the bellow. This means that it can be played only with the right hand.

It was used in France as standard equipment for primary schools. The class teacher would use it for singing together and for music lessons. The porcelain plaque and the serial number help us date this guide-chant date to perhaps around 1930.

This singing-guide is in working condition and plays at a pitch of a=440 Hz. It’s a really lovely item and a great piece of history. But don’t take our word for it – watch the video and see for yourself.


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