Flute – CAHUSAC, Thomas Jnr


Category Flutes
Maker CAHUSAC, Thomas II (Junior)
Marks and inscriptions CAHUSAC / 41 HAYMARKET / LONDON (on all parts)
Period 1750-1830
Place of origin London, England
Description Four-part boxwood flute with two silver keys and ivory rings
Materials Boxwood, ivory, silver
Dimensions Total length 640 mm
Sounding length 561 mm
Weight 261 g
Condition Working condition
Price (€) €3,250.00
Ref 1108


Flute – CAHUSAC, Thomas (Junior)

On sale at VM Collectables is a beautiful, boxwood flute made at the turn of the nineteenth-century by no other than Thomas CAHUSAC Junior or Thomas II (1756-?1843). The Cahusacs were among the first woodwind instrument makers in London and became extremely famous.

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Thomas Cahusac II was at the 41 Haymarket address from 1800 to 1805. Therefore, we can date this instrument to that time! The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, published in 1984, p.298, mentions under Cahusac an ‘exceptional, two-key flute stamped 41 Haymarket(Thomas Cahasac: (ii), 1800-05). Could this be that same instrument?

This flute was crafted with a high level of workmanship in boxwood which has gained a lovely honey colour over the past two hundred years. Immediately standing out is that the flute does not end with a normal D foot, which was common at that time. It has however an extension to low C sharp with an addition key. So, why do we need that low C-sharp? You can use it for a D2/C-sharp trill. There were also already at that time compositions for flute that used this low C-sharp. It also features a screw-cork in the head joint.

The condition of this flute is very good. There are two cracks: one at the top of the head joint and one at the top of the middle joint tenon. The ivory cap also has a crack in the middle.

This Thomas Cahusac II flute plays nicely at a pitch of around a=432 Hz. It has a bright and colourful sound and at the same time is seemingly powerful even though the embouchure is so small. The lower notes have great depth. It’s very easy to play and the intonation is easy to manage.

This flute is perfect for playing all kinds of classical-period music. It’s a lovely item and rarity looking for a new owner.

Important note

This instrument contains ivory. A certificate for the legal sale of this instrument within the European Union is supplied when purchased.

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